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Playa Grande is a small, quiet community hidden within a natural park beside the Pacific Ocean. Here, time is best spent with the tides. Follow a short jungle path close to our hotel and discover Playa Grande's pristine beach.

Our beach is surrounded by a dry, tropical forest protected by Las Baulas National Park. The park consists of six miles of white-sand where leatherback turtles lay their eggs, making it an excellent location for turtle tours.


The nearby salt-water estuary is full of life. We provide opportunities to explore this natural habitat for birds, crocodiles, and monkeys with a fun half-day excursion.

An experienced surfer will love our one-step spot located at the mouth of our ocean entrance. Here, waves are larger and more consistent,  but an intermediate surfer can find easier conditions within walking distance.


Surf in Grande is best from December through April, when strong off-shore winds bring optimal swell, but it is possible to surf year round! 


Grande is also the perfect "base camp" to explore nearby Roca Bruja, Avellanas, Play Negra, Marbella, Ostional, Nosara, and Camaronal. Start here and ride all Guanacaste waves!

Playa Gr ande Swell and


Life in Grande is built mostly around ocean life. Here there is the opportunity to indulge in beach life, go on a surf adventure, explore nearby beaches, try a yoga class, and visit the beachside “Taco Star” for refreshments.

Our extravagant ocean sunsets are best followed by turtle tours organized by the Las Baulas National Park. This is particularly fun for families, as children eagerly brave the darkness to discover leatherback turtles emerging from the black ocean and crossing the sand to lay their eggs.

Best discovering our pristine environment early morning dive into pristine nature by exploring the nearby salt-water estuary. This three-hour tour features traditional canoes. Discover the brackish heart of Grande: a world of alligators, monkeys, and dazzling spectrum of birds.


Nightlife in Grande is friendly and easy going.  Sugar's host different live music events througth season.

If a wild night of dancing is what you crave, Tamarindo is bursting with options!

You can reach Tamarindo by car 9,5 miles around the estuary. Taxi service is about $30, or, in the day, you can walk on the beach, 1,5 miles and pay 1$ for a taxi boat across the estuary.

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