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Nestled within the embrace of a lush natural park along the majestic Pacific Ocean lies Playa Grande, a tranquil and secluded haven. Time here is best enjoyed in harmony with the ebb and flow of the tides. Just a short, one-minute stroll through a verdant jungle path awaits our hotel, unveiling the pristine shores of Playa Grande's beach.

This idyllic beach is encompassed by a vibrant, arid tropical forest, protected by the sanctuary of Las Baulas National Park. Spanning six miles of glistening white sand, this coastal gem serves as a sanctuary for the awe-inspiring leatherback turtles who choose these shores as their nesting grounds. As a result, it has become a coveted destination for turtle tours, where visitors can witness the remarkable sight of these ancient creatures laying their eggs.

Adjacent to this serene paradise, lies a captivating salt-water estuary teeming with life. Our guests have the opportunity to embark on a half-day excursion, delving into the enchanting realms of this natural habitat. Along the way, encounters with a diverse array of feathered inhabitants, graceful crocodiles, and playful monkeys are guaranteed, providing a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.       more

-Unleash Your Wild-

“Conquer Costa Rica's Terrain with Thrilling ATV Adventures!”


-Soar above paradise-

“Experience the Ultimate Thrill on Costa Rica's Zip Line Adventure!”


“Gallop into Paradise: Explore Costa Rica's Coastal Beauty on Horseback!”


“Soul Renewal: Dive into Tranquility on Our Captivating Cataract Tours!”


-Gallop into paradise-

“Explore Costa Rica's Coastal Beauty on Horseback!”


-Rise through water-

“Dive into Tranquility on Our Cataract Tours!”

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