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Hotel Invest

Shaping The Future

in Costa Rica

Hotel Invest

Shaping The Future

in Costa Rica

Playa Grande

Playa Grande is one of the most beautiful beach in the world, 5 kilometers of withe sand surrounded by a small quiet community hidden within a natural park beside the Pacific Ocean and, above to all, it’s one of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica, the main peak with a world-class wave is a two minute walk from our front door.


Located 40 minutes from Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, the country's second and Central America's sixth busiest air station, in 2016 reported 1,146,163 passengers, a 30.5% increase, with direct flights from the USA and Canada.

The nearby city of Tamarindo known as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of the entire Guanacaste gold coast, offers restaurants and nightlife as well as all services for the needs of international tourism.


The tourist season lasts 10 months of which five, from December to April, are considered high season, while November, May, June, July and August are low season.

Playa Grande guests come from all over the world with a prevalence of presences from the United States and Canada.

The destination is preferred by families and couples looking for peace, contact with nature and a relaxing holiday dedicated to sport and wellness.

Part of the business comes from people who intend to learn surfing which is often combined by the practice of Yoga, all services offered at our facility.



In 2015 I bought a 20 year established hotel business with 8 rooms;  

After 3 seasons my statistics evidenced how the fixed costs impact on the ROI, so I decided to transform some of the spaces of my property creating new rooms in order to broaden room typology.

The results of the extension, that added 5 new rooms, was increment of the occupancy room rate of 12% based on the median occupancy rate of last 3 seasons

In 2019 I bought the adjacent property by incorporating the boutique hotel "La Marejada"  with 8 rooms and its well-know Italian restaurant. 

In March 2020 the high season was interrupted by the pandemic, this did not affect the excellent result for a yield of more than 7%.


Increasing financial performance by  merging more adjacent properties in a single entity .

There is a business next door that already runs a profitable homes rental which consists of four studios and a villa, also are available for sale three plots of land backyard are available which are under construction permit.

Rise the number of rooms to rent for saving on expenses derived from fixed costs as well as broadening the range of options to may offer for  guests;
Reach a critical mass of guests will boost rooms sales, and also it will increase turnovers of the restaurant and surf school, for a perspective ROI of 10% or more.

If you are interested in growing with us contact me at

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